OMPHobby M1 EVO RC Helicopter BNF OMP Protocol


Color: WHITE
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Buddy RC and OMP, can’t go wrong with that!


Buddy rc always has great service

Erick A.
Floats like a butterfly

This is such a cool lil heli. Loving the CF and aluminum frame. The gyro does need a little taming down out of the box, but it flys like a dream still. Had a heavy landing and struck the tail, the propylene tail rotor did well to survive, you can't ask for much more durability wise on a heli.

Tom R.
Super-fast shipping.

I began with an M2 EVO, and liked it so much that I decided to get an M1 EVO also. It shipped the same day and I received it the next day! The M1 with low head speed is super quiet. Awesome helicopters and great support from Buddy RC. Thanks again!

OMP M1 Evo

Outstanding product. I have a complete fleet of helis, from 700 size electric all the way down but no “small helis” for years as I promised myself I would no longer endure the agony of small helis. This one is different! It truly flies like a larger heli except, as expected, it gets small really quickly and I need to keep it close. I am flying it with Jeti Ds16. Can’t wait to try the M4 with a Spirit FBL unit.

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OMPHobby M1 EVO RC Helicopter BNF OMP Protocol


The OMPHobby M1 EVO RC Helicopter is the latest revision of the M1 helicopter. It has an updated carbon fiber frame and available in 4 new colors.

The OMPHobby M1 RC Helicopter BNF is a great micro (150 size) 3D Flybarless RC helicopter. Best for indoor flying during bad weather days. It can be flown outside as well.

Highlights of the M1 EVO:

  • All new visual design fitting with OMP’s new line, available in white, red, orange and yellow
  • Newly designed carbon fiber frame with central aluminum backbone
  • New, crash-proof aluminum tail motor mount with painted CF tail fin
  • Length adjustable tail boom for easy CG adjustment
  • 1g lighter than the original M1
  • Proven propulsion system of the M1, allowing for efficient, long flights


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