OMPHobby Super Decathlon 55 Inch Balsa Airplane ARF


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decathlon oreder

call your phone and i goes straight to playing music, no ring,ring

Hello yes that is our new ring tone just stay on the line and we will answer. Thank you for the review.

Matthew L.
OMP super Decathlon

This is an above and beyond kit. Hardware is second to none! I am still assembling this at the moment but looking forward to flying it! I kind of wish I had purchased the white one but I have time in the full size one in the red scheme. I would love to do on line reviews for you. I've been flying rc since 1975 and also use to have a hobby shop. This is a beautiful plane.

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OMPHobby Super Decathlon 55 Inch Balsa Airplane Almost Ready To Fly
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Air Frame only version


OMP Hobby Super Decathlon

This Amazing plane comes in with a wing span of 55 inches and carries a light wing load, and flies just like you would expect it too, can be flown like a trainer with the 2200 - 2600 3S battery and a 13X6 propeller (not included), but don't let that fool you, this planes also will hang on it’s prop with the 4S 2200 - 2600  and 12X6.5 propeller with high rates and throws to the max and the really see what this plane will do. With the recommended Sunny Sky motor and Eolo Prop, Hang on for a Fun ride.

   This plane is equipped with aluminum landing gear and soft tires. Grass take offs are no match for this plane, Take it anywhere and fly.

   Two Beautiful color schemes are offered, (Red White Blue), ( White, Red, and Blue), all with the Oracover film.


Make sure to create vent holes in the bottom of the fuselage near the tail wheel.

There is a $20.00 Flat Rate shipping fee for domestic orders due to the rise in shipping cost.

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