OMP Hobby Super Decathlon 55 Inch Balsa Airplane Receiver Ready


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Received airplane about June 1 2023,3rd flight ESC or receiver died,plane was total loss.Contacted Dave (or Dan). Was told he would look into the issue.Havent heard anything back.Very poor service.
Wouldn't but from this company......or recommend.

We are very sorry for the loss. However there is not enough information to come to a conclusion as to why this happened.

James K.
OMP 55” super decathlon PNP

Excellent quality model. So well packaged it took effort to open box and get all the parts out. Excellent condition. Very impressed with the quality and fit of all pieces. Build quality of model is the best I have ever seen in a balsa airplane. Gets a 10 plus from me

Rudy S.
OMP Hobby Super Decathlon

The OMP Super Decathlon is a superb RC product and the overall workmanship is outstanding, Flying characteristics are amazing too. wing lights on mine did not work but overall i am very happy and would highly recommend it too anyone.

nice but...

Packaged very well. Used to Stick build and arf's but sure wish the Directions had CG and Surface deflections (this can still be found easily. sever issues I had. 1) Directions were in 100% Chinese no English at all. 2} only had prop for 4S and not for 3S 3) I have to move a servo control horn 1 tooth but had to take out the servo to get a good bite on the screw and the the screw stripped on the head, screw is in too tight. Now I have to replace the servo and control horn. 5) thought the front hatch was unremovable till I found there was some glue holding it on. I had to use a #11 to break the glue joint then the hatch was easily removable.

Haven't flown it yet!

Please contact us at or call at 614-808-4488 Thank you

Super Decathlon 55" Ball Links

I did receive a set of ball links to replace the broken one. Ting shipped fast; their customer service has been excellent.


OMP Hobby Super Decathlon 55 Inch Balsa Airplane Receiver Ready


OMP Hobby Super Decathlon


The OMP Hobby plane is an amazing aircraft that boasts a wing span of 55 inches and a light wing load, flying just as you'd expect it to. You can fly it like a trainer with the 2200-2600 3S battery and a 13X6 propeller. However, don't let that deceive you as this plane can also hang on its prop with the 4S 2200-2600 and 12X6.5 propeller with high rates and throws to the max. With the recommended Sunny Sky motor and Eolo Prop, you can hang on for a fun ride.

Equipped with aluminum landing gear and soft tires, this plane can take off from grassy surfaces without any trouble. You can take it anywhere and fly it with ease.

The OMP Hobby plane is available in two beautiful color schemes: Red, White, and Blue and White, Red, and Blue, both featuring Oracover film.

Please ensure to create vent holes in the bottom of the fuselage near the tail wheel.

Please note that due to rising shipping costs, there is a flat rate shipping fee of $20.00 for domestic orders.

Specifications: Full Length: 1020mm/40” Weight: 1.55KG/3.4lbs Wingspan:1400/55” Wing Area: 34.7dm ² Wing Load: 44.7g/dm ² Wing Angle of Incidence: 1.5 ° Motor Thrust Angles: Down 2.5 ° & Right 5 ° ESC: SunnySky 40A Servos: OMPHOBBY 17g * 4pcs Motor: SunnySky X2820 Battery: 3S/4S 2200-2600mah Propeller: Eolo 13X7E for 3S or 126.5E for 4S


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