Safe 40A ParaBoard V3 - XH and XT30 with 4mm Bullet connector

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David T.
Worth the price!

I love this paraboard, I can charge 6 batteries at once instead of one.

Vincent P.

Safe 40A ParaBoard V3 - XH and XT30 with 4mm Bullet connector

cody m.

Super easy I like it

James M.
ParaBoard V3 review

Well, it didn’t work for what I bought it for. However, it’s just fine for its intended purpose.

I bought it to charge my new Align T15 2s batteries which supply power and are charged via the balance connectors.

When my charger gave a warning after hooking it all up, I took out took out my VOM and found that the ParaBoard balance connections are isolated from the main power bus. Then, based on some internet research, I jumpered from the XT30 conn. to one of the 2S balance connectors. That gave me power to the batteries. However, multiple problems arose: long charge time; overheating Polyfuses; unbalanced cells, etc. This ParaBoard is simply not made for this purpose.

When I first found it wouldn’t work, I emailed Buddy RC, and their stellar support service (Dan) immediately proceeded to ship me out a new one. In the meantime, as stated above, I found out it was all my fault. I called them, and hopefully they were able to cancel the replacement (haven’t gotten it anyway – will send it back if I get it). Dan confirmed that the ParaBoard would not work for my purpose and suggested some charge leads that will work.

Lessons learned: (1) don’t try to use just any paraboard, even if it has the right connections, to charge T15 (or OMP M1 for that matter) batteries: (2) Buddy RC stands behind their products – no worries there.

Clay S.
Brand new day

There was a time in my life when I didn't have one of these. Those were dark days. Step into the light and grab yourself a paraboard and spend your time flying instead of charging.

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Safe 40A ParaBoard V3 - XH and XT30Â with4mm Bullet connector This board can be used to charge up to 6 batteries with 2S, 3S, or 4S XH balance lead and XT30 connector at the same time. This is the latest version of ParaBoard with self-resettable fuse protection. The PCB board is made of three ounce copper and the main circuit supports up to 40A current. All the balance ports are protected by resettable fuses (also known as polyfuse).

ParaBoard - XH can be used for batteries with JST-XH balance connectors, such as Align, Blue, E-flight, Turnigy, and our Glacier LiPo packs. This device is to be used with a balance charger to simultaneously charge multiple lithium batteries in parallel. By this method you can significantly save time on battery charge process. Principles and practices of parallel charging lithium batteries have been well discussed in the forums on RC Groups. This method has been proved to be a safe and efficient way to charge LiPo batteries, and is being widely accepted by more and more RC hobbiests all over the world. Parallel charge can save your time significantly. If you charge four batteries at the same time, the charge current is four times of that you used for a single pack, and you need only approximately 1/4 of the charge time to charge every battery separately. Similarly, if you charge six batteries at the same time, the charge current is six times and time is only 1/6.

Multiple safe ParaBoards (V3) can be connected directly in order to charge more than four batteries at a time. ParaBoard XH can be used for the following brands of LiPo batteries that have JST-XH balance connectors:

ABF ACE Air Thunder Align Beyond Power Blue Batteries BP Common Sense RC V1 (reversed polarity) Common Sense RC V2 DN Power (reversed polarity) Dynam EC Power E-Flight eFuel Electric Power Electrifly Energy EC EP Buddy Esky E-Watts Exceed RC Fusion Flightmax Fully Max Gadex GE Power G-Force Glacier Grayson Power Hextronic Hi Models Hobby City Hobby Loong Hurricane Flight Systems HXT Imax Kong Power (Old version) Lightning Power (2S-5S) Loong Max MaxForce Mega Power Mojo Mystery Nine Eagles Park Zone PolyNoOne PowerEdge PowerSource Precision Aerobatics Protek Reedy Power RFI Rhino SMC Super Tigre Tenergy (old version, reversed polarity) Top Racing Tower Hobbies Trinity Turborix Turnigy Vampower (New version) Venom WOW RC X-Caliber Xtreme Zippy

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