OMP Hobby M4 MAX Tail Servo Set OSHM4X002


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Had a tail servo burn out on the workbench running recommended settings then I lowered BEC voltage to 6.0v and purchased a replaced OMP tail servo took it out to fly. 1m 56s into the flight the second tail servo failed instantly causing flybarless issues driving it into the ground. The designer decided to be an arrogant ass about the whole thing and I will no longer buy anything OMP even though I had planned on supporting them.

Cliff notes
-hobbywing 80 will not fit for vbar
-servos all want to be mounted using a central screw not 4 so other electronics are limited.
-parts availability is an issue in the US
-Designer thinks it’s flawless so don’t ask for help on “corner case” or quality control issues on forums
-cheap Chinese servos do not run them

If you still want one order the kit plus, OMP esc plus proprietary Bluetooth module and 4 quality servos.

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OMP M4 Max Tail Servo DS3515T : OSHM4X002


  • Operating Voltage: 4.8V-8.4V
  • Working pulse length: 500-1000us
  • Max Freq: PWM max.560Hz
  • Connector: 3P Dupont
  • Wire length: 220mm
  • Servo Arm: 5mm 25T (Futaba spline)
  • Operation Angle: 140 Deg
  • Dead Band: 2u
  • Weight: 43g

When operated at 7.4 Volts:

  • Stall Current: 3.4A
  • Operating Speed (no load): 0.051sec/60°
  • Torque:
  • Stall Torque:

OMP Hobby M4 MAX Tail Servo Set OSHM4X002

tail servo-1
Ball head screw-L4.65-1
Middle servo metal swing arm-1
Round head internal hexagon M2x4 screws-2
M2 nylon self-locking nut-1
Round head internal hexagon M2.5x5 screw-1
M M3x6 countersunk head screw-1

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