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SkyRC Center of Gravity Gauge

As RC pilots, You are a Gauge away from a better flying experience! Whether for a real full-scale airplane or model aircraft, the center of gravity is the paramount one among all the parameters. The center of gravity in an incorrect position will result in a lousy control experience and even catastrophic results. SkyRC CG Gauge, which professionally measures the weight, the center of gravity for fixed-wing aircrafts with a maximum load of 20kg, come as a solution to RC pilots! The unit consists of three weighing modules, which are wirelessly controlled via Bluetooth. The maximum load for a single module is 20kg.

With the RC Gears app, pilots can get started to measure the real-time measuring data after unboxing.

The slight difference in the center of gravity will bring you a different flying experience. The data tested by the CG Gauge has high reliability and accuracy. The measurement is accurate to 1g with the default unit as gram which is switchable to ounce. Thanks to the gauge, counterweighing becomes more accurate, bringing a better flying experience to our pilots.

Safe Balancing, Safer Piloting

Forward or backward offset by the center of gravity will cause difficulty in lifting and even blowing up. SkyRC CG Gauge features an accurate algorithm that immediately enables pilots to know the aircraft's CG. Add or lose weight accordingly by comparing the real-time position against the input! Enjoy a pleasant and safe flight.

Accuracy meets craftsmanship

High-hardness aluminum is selected for the case, and strict CNC machining guarantees the stability and reliability that is dust-proof and has strong impact resistance. The top of the weighing module adopts arc shape inspired by the wine glass's bottom, which prevents the wheel from sliding and enables the wheel to be automatically centered. The measurement accuracy is improved!

Bluetooth5.0Faster & More Stable

SkyRC CG Gauge is built with Bluetooth 5.0, which enables a faster and more stable connection. The app instantly displays real-time data once connected. Counterweighing is like a breeze!

Everything is connected:
CG Gauge has an app finally!

The app receives and records the aircraft's CG data in real-time via Bluetooth!
Countweighing is made easy!

Silent Guarding with Single Battery

Thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 ultra-low power consumption and our proprietary protocol, a single built-in 3.7V 10440 rechargeable LiPo battery provides sufficient power for comfortable use.

Universal Charging Interface

The charge port is USB Type C which is accepted as the de facto connector today, so most mobile phone's cable can easily handle the charging.

Angle matters:, a must-have in RC Guru's Toolset

In the light of the piloting experience, surface angle adjustment is very essential. SKYRC has introduced an angle meter to measure the angle of the rudder surface of a fixed-wing aircraft professionally.


Size and Weight
Dimension: D66*33mm
Weight: ≈160g

Other Parameters

Working Voltage: 3.4-4.2V
Working Current: <15mA
Interface: Type C
Input Voltage: 5V
Input Current: 200-300mA
Low-voltage Protection: <3.4V (Flashes Red)
Load: max. 20kg/module
Accuracy: ±3g (Measuring)
Accuracy: 1g/0.01oz (Display)
Working Temperature: 0℃-50℃
Working Humidity: 5%-90% (No Condensation)
Storage Temperature: -10℃-50℃
Storage Humidity: 1%-75% (No Condensation)

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