Spare Parts for Himax HC28xx Outrunner Motors

MPISKU: HC2808-1

Size: HC2808-1
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HC2808-1 1/8" Shaft for HC2808 series motor 
HC2808-4 Profile mount for HC28xx series motors
HC2808-5 4mm shaft for HC2808 series motors
HC2808-6 Bearing set, 1/8" for HC28xx motors
HC2808-7 Collar, 4mm, for HC28xx motors
HC2808-8 Bearing set, 4mm for HC28xx motors
HC2808-9 Radial mount for HC28xx series motors
HC2808-12 Radial mount screws for HC28xx series motor, 10pcs
HC2808-13 Spring Clip, 4mm for HC28xx series motors, 5pcs
HC2808-20 HC2808 rotor assembly
HC2812-5 4mm Shaft for HC2812 series motor
HC2812-11 Hollow shaft, 4mm for HC2812 series motor
HC2812-20 HC2812 rotor assembly
HC2816-5 4mm Shaft for HC2816 series motor
HC2816-11 Hollow shaft, 4mm for HC2816 series motor
HC2816-20 HC2816 rotor assembly

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