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What can we say about the new STRIX Shadow Seeker?

ChatGPT's output as an 18 year old surfer says it best:

Dude, flying those RC planes decked out with awesome LED lights at night during flying events is an absolute blast! Seriously, it's like stepping into a whole new dimension of excitement. As the sun dips below the horizon, these bad boys take to the sky, leaving these wicked trails of light that totally mesmerize everyone watching. And the best part? Sharing the whole experience with your buddies amps up the fun even more. It's like a group adventure where you and your pals are the pilots of these super cool light shows. It's not just about the flying; it's about the thrill, the challenge, and the unforgettable memories you create together. So, if you haven't tried night flying with LED RC planes and your crew, you're seriously missing out, my dude!

Okay, maybe that's a little cheesy, but our favorite thing to do at RC events is night flying! We felt there was a need, however, for a wing that was designed out of the box to be set up with LED's that was easy to put together and a relaxing, durable flyer. What started out as a project with our good friend Mike Snyder and his "Mike Wing" has now evolved into the STRIX Shadow Seeker. Designed to be a stable, docile, and easily controllable EPP with simple assembly. After over two years of design changes and repeated samples, we are excited to share the results!

The ARF comes with the power system listed below, with servos, control rods, control horns, and wing spars already pre-installed making final assembly super easy!

What makes the Shadow Seeker stand out? 

  • Durable hot wire cut EPP foam construction.
  • Pre-cut notches in bottom of the wings for easy installation of LED strips. (Flies just as well without LEDs)
  • Pre-cut and hinged elevons with carbon fiber reinforcement attached directly to the control arms.
  • Pre-cut notches for the included pre-cut carbon fiber strips.
  • Large area in center for battery and electronics with ply reinforced battery tray.
  • Extremely stable flight with little to no wing wag*
  • ARF has servos, control arms, control rods, and wing spars pre-installed
  • Three, pre-made LED color packages pre-cut, pre-soldered, and available to purchase and install. 


  • Wingspan: 39in, 99cm
  • Approximate weight with LED's and 3s 2200mAh battery: 445g
  • Motor: 2204 1870kv
  • ESC: 30A 
  • Prop: 6x3
  • Servos (with ARF or separate power system): 9g x 2 (Plastic gear)
  • CG: 175-185mm measured from the nose. (Where the foam motor mount steps down)
  • Throws: 100% travel

    Recommended to Complete:

    *The STRIX Shadow Seeker was designed for stable flight, moderate flying speeds, and easy controllability, with great durability when flown within its design parameters. If you plan on turning it into a speed demon, laminating it, or putting a higher powered motor/prop combo in it, you will probably need to make some modifications. 

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