SunnySky V2216 X2208 X2212 X2216 Motor Bolt-on Prop Adapter CW Normal Rotation

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jm b.

excellent service
great stuf at low price

CW prop adapter used on FT STEM series Bravo pusher prop jet

I used a Sunnysky X2212-6 Kv: 2450 II on my Flite Test Bravo pusher prop jet. It spins CCW when viewed from the rear and uses a Reverse 5x4.5 prop from a quad. On a normal fixed wing, the motor would be considered a normal or CW motor. But the prop is mounted facing the opposite direction it would be if the motor was used as a tractor motor versus a pusher prop. The CCW prop adapter bolted to the motor is exactly what I needed. Works great. With these NORMAL and REVERSE prop adapters, I can swap motor wires for whichever direction I need for the props I have on hand, be they CW or CCW. And match the prop nut/adapter direction so that it tightens in the opposite direction of the spinning motor/prop. I don't have to worry about confusing myself with whether or not it's called CW or CCW, normal or reverse. I just use an adapter with the appropriate opposite direction of the motor/prop. I only have to make sure the prop faces the correct direction of the spin and into the forward movement of my plane, be it pusher or tractor.

Great prop adapter

I ordered these bolt-on prop adapters for a set of SunnySky X2216 motors. Even though the description says "V22" they will most definitely fit on "X" series SunnySky motors. What's more, they come with the prop cone, which the stock motors didn't come with. So now I have some spare motor hardware in case I need it.

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A bolt on type prop adapter for SunnySky V2216 X2208 X2212 X2216 Motors.

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