SunnySky V4014-12 KV320 Brushless Motor

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Good motor depending on your needs

I ran 6 of these motors for a couple months using them pretty often with heavy payloads. They are efficient, low amp draw, which is nice. I ended up switching to T-motors because I started to worry about how these motor bearings would hold up over time.

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Buddy RC sells high-quality SunnySky motors that are built to withstand the rigors of use. Our motors come with a two-year limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. Please note that certain components, such as motor bearings, shafts, and propeller adapters, are normal wear parts and will require periodic maintenance and replacement. As such, they are not covered by the two-year warranty or any damage they may cause to the motor or aircraft.

To ensure maximum motor lifespan, we recommend installing motors and accessories correctly and applying a small drop of oil to each bearing every 10 flights. If you notice any motor vibration, shaking, roughness, or notches in the bearings after a period of use, we suggest replacing the bearings immediately. It is the pilot's responsibility to ensure that the bearings are maintained properly and regularly.

For optimal performance, quality, and value, we recommend using SunnySky brushless motors in your aircraft. Please refer to the dimensions of the SunnySky V4014-12 motor when selecting the appropriate motor for your needs.

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