SunnySky X2207S 2700KV Brushless Motor CW

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Please ensure that your mount plate is thick enough to avoid touching the motor's stator with the 6mm long screws provided. Any motor damage caused by extruded screws will not be covered by the warranty.

This motor is designed to support 3S LiPo batteries and 5-6 inch propellers, and it can be used on racing multirotors of up to 350 or 250 size. We do not recommend using a 4S LiPo battery with this motor due to its high KV design, which in our tests resulted in a very high current draw. Each motor weighs approximately 36 grams.


  • KV: 2700
  • Thread: CW
  • Stator diameter: 22mm
  • Stator thickness: 7mm
  • No. of stator arms: 9
  • No. of stator poles: 12
  • No-load current: 1A @ 10V
  • Motor resistance: 77mΩ
  • Max. continuous current: 25A / 30S
  • Max. continuous power: 305W
  • Weight: 35g
  • Outside diameter: 27.5mm
  • Shaft diameter: M5
  • Body length: 20mm
  • Overall shaft length: 33mm
  • Max. LiPo cell: 3S

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