SunnySky X3120 Brushless Motors

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SunnySky USASKU: SS-X3120-1100

KV: 1100
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Sunnysky 3120 motor

Wow, this motor has some power, especiallyon a 4 cell battery. No real specs listed on the Sunnysky or Buddy RC website, but I did manage to find this info......

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The X series motors are precision crafted through CNC milling, which results in a hollow-designed appearance that not only guarantees excellent heat dissipation but also significantly reduces the weight of the motor. Additionally, this milling process gives the motors a visually robust appearance.

The motor shaft is constructed from 420 stainless steel, a high-quality material imported from Japan. After undergoing a heat treatment process, the motor shafts become stronger, more ductile, and better able to resist bending and breaking.

The top and bottom caps of the motors are composed of 6061-T6 aviation aluminum alloy, a high-strength material with exceptional hardness and tensile strength that ensures dependable motor performance.

The X series motors are equipped with customized NMB mini bearings that are imported from Japan. These bearings provide the motors with a longer lifespan, quiet and stable operation, and excellent performance.

The coils of the X series motors are all hand wound, which is a more labor-intensive process but results in tight, neat coils with a better coil space factor. This manufacturing procedure can increase the continuous power output of the motors.


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