T Plug Connectors Deans Compatible 5 Pairs

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Paul T.

These are easier for me to plug and unplug than any of the newer stuff out there. These are at least as good quality as Deans but can get a better grip wth rhe little ridges. Solder them on all my lipos.

Darrel C.

they work fine they serve their purpose.

Rick P.

T Plugs (5 Pairs, Deans Compatible)

Use XT 60 connectors and you won't accidentally get a short.

See my XT60 review. Deans have lots of exposed metal and are easy to short. It's an old design and time to move on to safer connectors like the XT 60,90 and 30.

Quality Quality Quality

In my opinion these connectors by far exceed other connectors of this type "PERIOD" And the price cant be beat.

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This pack contains four pairs of T plugs and 16 heat shrink tubes at the specified price. Our T plugs are the only ones on the market that can be compared to genuine Deans connectors in terms of quality.

Key Features:

  • The copper plugs are coated with 7u of pure gold, as opposed to cheaper alternatives which have a golden color achieved through acid pickling.
  • The chamfered springs are composed of nickel-plated beryllium copper, a superior material compared to the steel springs typically found in low-quality T plugs. For more information about this material, please refer to Wikipedia.
  • The connectors are constructed with high-grade plastic, which is capable of withstanding higher temperatures than cheaper imitations.
  • Our T plugs are capable of tolerating up to 50A of continuous current and 100A of peak current, while most cheaper T plugs are only safe at 30A of continuous current.

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