TBS Tracer Micro TX Starter Set

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Franklin R.
Simply the best

This is just the best radio i have ever had, and the price was spot on. The shipping was super fast.

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Introducing the TBS Tracer Micro TX Starter Set, the ultimate choice for drone, plane, helicopter, car, and boat enthusiasts! With revolutionary 2.4GHz technology, the TBS Tracer offers the fastest available radio and telemetry link, boasting a lightning-fast 250Hz refresh rate and a barely perceptible end-to-end latency of 3ms. Built on the Crossfire pedigree, this system guarantees ultimate compatibility and functionality, making it the ideal choice for all remote control pilots, from beginner to pro.

The TBS Tracer Micro TX Starter Set includes the TBS Tracer Micro TX LITE, featuring an output power of 100mW, 2.4GHz ISM frequency bands, and a USB-C connector. With a latency and refresh rate of 3ms and 250Hz, respectively, it is fully configurable by OpenTX and TBS TANGO remote using CRSF protocol.

Also included in the set are three TBS Tracer Nano RXs, each with two u.FL / IPEX antenna ports for antenna diversity, and 2x CRSF, SBUS, PPM, 6x PWM, SmartAudio 2.0 / 2.1 (VTx Control) protocols. Weighing only 0.5g (receiver only) and measuring 11mm x 18mm, these Nano RXs offer a long-range, adaptive, and robust remote control system for your drone and aircraft.

The TBS Tracer Micro TX Starter Set comes equipped with OTA firmware updates, auto-bind, multi-bind support, and TBS Cloud connectivity with telemetry output for smartphone apps. You can even configure your flight controller PIDs using LUA device configuration. With the TBS Tracer Micro TX Starter Set, you can enjoy unparalleled speed, accuracy, and range for days. Join the largest following of TBS products today and enjoy continuous free software updates, great hardware features, and laser-focused customer support. Upgrade your flying game with the TBS Tracer Micro TX Starter Set!

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