Top RC Thunder 1380mm RC Sport Airplane PNP


Color: Red
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Perfect Fun

I was looking for a fun, stress free plane to take a break from the high dollar butt pucker planes. This was perfect. Nothing but pure, low dollar stress free fun. It flies fantastic fast or slow, does knife edge well. Started on 4s but was ballistic fast ! Went to 3s and is still more than plenty. Awesome plane to kick around and just have ole fashioned fun.

William M.
nice plane

Flies well and is really a fun afternoon go to the field and have a great time airplane got it dialed in on the Futaba 16IZ and it just plane fun. the only mod. i made was to open up the firewall to let more air flow through to cool the electronics

Tom E.
I really like this plane. Granted it is a bit on the chepo side.

I like this plane much more than I thought I would after building it. It has a cheapy foam spinner, the gear are soft and bend easily, one wing came dented, the yellow is more mustard brown :( and not yellow, etc..... I'd give it a 3start rating for overall quality. But with all that, this is a fun plane to fly. Not really 3D-ish on 3S, and not too floaty and not too heavy. Set all control horns to the highest throws and it is a good plane to practice mild aerobatics and sport flying on. The wind kicks it around a bit. I think that the less expensive a plane is the more fun it can be, especially when you are not afraid to trash it. For me it is a capable plane I can start to practice low inverted flying, not get upset when it crashes, and is affordable enough to get a replacement.

Thank you for the honest review we're for your next step in the Hobby

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  • 4 Channel Control Setup (Aileron, Elevator, Throttle and Rudder)
  • Extreme performance out of the box
  • Generous amount of internal space allows several battery options (2200~3300mAh)
  • Extremely durable! Constructed of high quality durable EPO foam
  • Docile flight performance from a balance of maneuverability and agility
  • Easy, straight-forward screw assembly
  • Detachable main wings
  • Easy to transport

Package Include:

  • Airplane (most components preinstalled, some assembly required)
  • User manual
  • 4 channel transmitter and receiver (not included)
  • Battery balance charger (not included)
  • 3S (11.1V) 2200mAh Li-Po battery (not included)
PNP: Receiver Ready


This packaging option indicates what comes included and does not mean a completely assembled item. Most onboard electronic components are pre-assembled out of the box though some assembly is still required. This packaging option does not include the radio system, battery or charger, unless noted otherwise.

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