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The VS4-10 Fordyce RTR is a truck that draws inspiration from a retro aesthetic while maintaining the robust durability that Vanquish Products is renowned for. It features the VFD Spec transmission, F10 Straight Axles, and the Fordyce body complete with bedsides. Additionally, it comes bundled with a full-featured digital 4 Channel VT-1 Transmitter, featuring multiple model memory and endpoint adjustment. This allows the VS4-10 Fordyce RTR to easily accommodate optional radio-controlled accessories like a winch, light controller, or dig setup. Straight out of the box, the VFD Spec transmission boasts a 6.5% Overdrive (OD) configuration, powered by a 35T VM-1 Motor and a VE-1 3S-capable ESC.

The Fordyce's suspension incorporates high-quality stainless steel links, with larger diameter lower links adding extra mass down low and a high clearance front tie rod that eliminates the bends from the link, lending it a true-to-life appearance. The F10 straight axles come with a one-piece ring gear and spool coupled with machined pinion gears. To ensure a wide steering angle of 49 degrees, chromoly universal axle shafts are employed. The setup includes full ball bearings, metal transmission gears, and a 32P spur/pinion configuration, ensuring a smooth and dependable performance when tackling even the most challenging terrains.

The VS4-10 Fordyce RTR is equipped with the proven VFD Spec transmission, known for its exceptional durability and optimized design. The molded F10 Straight Axles adopt a high clearance design, which not only minimizes the size of the pumpkin but also replicates the appearance of full-scale axles found in the real world. Connecting the VFD Spec to the F10 Axles are the ISD10 driveshafts, which feature machined CV-style joints at each end with molded splined shafts in between, ensuring smooth, quiet, and efficient performance.

Furthermore, the vehicle boasts large 8mm bore S8E shocks, complete with dual X-Ring cartridges and scale-threaded caps, along with a sealed upper bleeder screw. Adjusting the S8E preload is a breeze, thanks to the threaded shock bodies and collars.

Key Features:

  • VFD Spec Transmission with 6.5% Overdrive
  • F10 Straight Axles with Offset Front Axle Pumpkin and Centered Rear Axle Pumpkin
  • One-Piece Ring Gear and Spool with Machined Pinion Gears
  • Universal-style front axle shafts
  • High-quality Stainless Steel Links
  • 25T 20MM Metal Servo Horn
  • Machined Aluminum Panhard Mount
  • Double Shear Shock Mounts
  • Aluminum machined 12mm Hexes
  • ISD10 Driveshafts with CV-style joints
  • 90mm S8E Shocks with +5 Rod Ends, Bleeder cap, and clamping spring cup retainers
  • Hidden body clip system


VT-1 Digital 4 Channel Transmitter provides industry leading features and tuning capabilities in an RTR.  15 model memory, multi-channel end point and rate adjustment, digital screen and multi-position switches for the 3rd and 4th channel.  Your VS4-10 Fordyce RTR is ready for your additional servos or accessories to fully utilize the VT-1 Transmitter. 

VE-1 ESC is 3S LiPo capable and includes a strong BEC to power servo functions.  The built-in jumpers can be moved to adjust LiPo cut-off and drag brake strength.  Factory tuned for your VS4-10 Fordyce RTR.  The VE-1 ESC is our version of the Hobbywing 1060, one of the most trusted RTR ESC’s on the market. 

VM-1 35T Brushed motor is a closed endbell design tuned for the VS4-10 Fordyce RTR to provide trail torque with plenty of speed to conquer the roughest terrain with confidence. 

VS-1 Metal Gear Servo tackles the steering duty on the VS4-10 Fordyce with 200oz-in of torque.  Ready for all elements the VS-1 Servo is water resistant and durable with its metal gears and 25T output spline for industry standard servo horns.  ­

VS4-10 Chassis is made to provide you with a balance of scale looks and unhindered performance. The steel C-channel design provides scale detail, molded front and rear cross members fill the chassis rails in the highest stress locations for ultimate strength and provide features like dual servo mounts, winch line routing, and a fuel cell. The molded rock sliders come with a replaceable tapered outer portion that perfectly fits the Fordyce body.  The panhard mount on the chassis is made from machined aluminum to withstand the impacts of severe trail conditions. Molded shock towers capture the top of the 90mm Incision S8E Shocks in double shear for maximum support. Narrow molded front and rear bumpers maximize clearances while improving approach and departure angles.

  • Heavy Duty High Clearance Steel C-Channel Frame Rails

  • Molded Front Inner Fenders with integrated LED mounts

  • Molded Rock sliders 

  • High Clearance Bumpers

  • Integrated battery tray and electronic mounting positions

  • Stainless Steel links

  • Molded inner fenders with front body hinge and scale radiator mount

VFD Transmission is designed to provide an optimal balance of performance, scale appearance, strength and versatile optional accessories. The VFD’s design places the motor forward and as low as possible to keep the weight where you want it. Out of the box the VFD Spec transmission provides a 6.5% overdrive to provide better turning and climbing performance without taxing your electronics. The T-case utilizes unique replaceable bearing plates to provide adjustable bearing positioning. The modular design of the bearing plates allow for optional gear ratios used to be used inside the T-case. The VFD transmission is compatible with 540 brushed and brushless motors*

  • Standard Overdrive 6.5%

  • Sintered Internal Gears

  • Hardened Chromoly Shafts

  • Molded VFD Extended Skid Plate for Motor Protection

  • Molded Battery and Electronic trays

  • Full ball bearing transmission

  • Scale Molded Transmission Housing

  • Molded 6mm motor plate

  • Molded Spur Gear Cover

  • 32P 56T Spur and 13T Steel Pinion

F10 Straight Axles benefit from Vanquish Product’s years of design experience in making the industry’s best aluminum axles. The molded plastic F10 Straight axles feature an ultra rigid design with an integrated truss that ties both ends of the axle together, and oversized C's with an integrated panhard mount.

  • Molded Plastic Axle housings

  • Universal Style Axle Shafts

  • 49 Degrees of Steering

  • High Caster reinforced C-Hub

  • High-Pinion Hypoid Axle Gears (30/8)

  • 5mm Output shafts with M4 wheel nut

  • One-Piece Molded Bearing Retainers

  • Adjustable Lower Shock Mounting Position

  • Scale removable third member

  • Machined aluminum red anodized rear fill cap with molded install tool

KMC Riot Beadlock Wheels and Falken Wildpeak M/T Tires offer a new combination of performance. The new 3 piece KM237 KMC Riot wheel features a two half design that is derived from the Vanquish Products aluminum beadlock wheels that set the standard for all other RC wheels. The wheel halves are bolted together using 8 screws on the backside for easy mounting of the Falken Wildpeak tires. The inner bead is held in place with a molded inner clamp ring that is shared with the aluminum beadlocks made by Vanquish Products. This allows for the use of the optional brass or aluminum inner clamp rings for an added layer of tuning to your Fordyce RTR.

  • 1.9 Falken Wildpeak M/T - 4.65” - RED Compound Tires

  • 1.9 KMC KM237 Riot Beadlock Wheels

  • Standard 0.8” wide molded inner clamp ring

Fordyce Body with VRD1 Cage

  • Painted Cab and Bedsides with tinted windows

  • VRD1 Rear Cage

  • 3-Piece Body Design

  • Headlight and Tail Light buckets

  • Molded Grill

  • Hinged Design

  • Hidden body clips with quick release front pivot pin



  • 1/10th Scale
  • Falken Wildpeak RED Compound 4.65”x 1.9” tires
  • Overall Width: 242mm (9.53")
  • Overall height: 242mm (9.53")
  • Wheelbase: 313mm (12.3")
  • 3.75:1 Axle Gear Ratio
  • 13T/56T Pinion/Spur
  • Internal Trans Ratio: Front 2.95 / Rear 3.15
  • Overall Gear Ratio: Front 41.3 / Rear 44.0
  • Overdrive Percentage: 6.5%
  • RTR weight (without battery): 5.9lbs (2.7kg)
  • Front and Rear axle width pin to pin: 182mm (7.17")



  • 2-3S LiPo Battery or 6 cell NiMh (XT60 Plug)

  • Compatible battery charger for selected battery (XT60 Plug) 

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