XAircraft XLink System for MiniX Flight Control System

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MiniX - XLink Features and Specifications By using XStation APP, equipped with XLink Ground/Air 2.4G Bluetooth digital transmitter and MiniX Flight Control System, you can fully control the aircraft on your smartphone or tablet. Tap and Go Mode - Your aircraft can fly autonomously by tapping anywhere on the map, which reduces operation complexity. Follow Me Mode - Under this mode, aircraft with MiniX will automatically follow your move, no matter if you accelerate, decelerate, make a U-turn or just slightly change your direction. Joystick Mode - You will no longer need your conventional controller. Besides, it is extremely convenient for you to switch to your most familiar joystick mode: Mode 1, Mode 2 and Mode 3. One Click Takeoff/Landing and Go Home - These functions are designed to minimize the crashing risk when you control your aircraft. User Friendly Interface - Provides a clear presentation of all features you need, such as flying status, signal strength, satellites support, battery remaining, flying time, etc. Offline Maps and other Utility Functions - You will never be troubled by data usage by directly downloading offline maps in the App. Map Direction and Layer switch are also supported. System Requirements: Flight Control System MiniX (Firmware 1.03 later) Supported Devices Android 4.0+, iOS (Coming soon), GPS module is required Bluetooth Version 2.0+ Technical Specifications Outdoor Range (XLink Ground to XLink Air) Approximately 1000m Outdoor Range (XLink Ground to Handheld Device) ≤5m Power Consumption Ground≤336mW Air:≤225mW Frequency Band 2.4 GHz Size (Without Antenna) Ground:97.50mmx38.40mmx13.80mm Air:39.60mmx30.00mmx10.85mm Weight (With Antenna) Ground:63g Air:7g Battery Capacity Ground:800mAh or 3Wh Charging Voltage Ground: 5V Working Voltage Ground:3.5V~4.2V Air:5V

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