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Gabe L.
Awesome little plane!

I couldn’t believe when I found this pnp zohd talon with a return to home gps autopilot for that price. I called the company in Ohio to verify that it came with the kopilot with gps and they opened a box and sure enough it did. I ordered one and it came quickly. I haven’t used the camera it came with, instead I put in a caddx vista. I bought some buddyrc 2s 2500 li-ion batteries and it will probably fly for an hour on one of those with some throttle management. I’ve had quite a few 20 minute flights now where I wasn’t going easy on the throttle and landed with over 60% left on the battery. The kopilot is a lot simpler than another autopilot I’ve set up before. This plane easily recovers after a stall with no issues. (Some YouTube reviews say it has bad tip stalls, I’ve found that to be false and have to assume they didn’t have the correct CG).
A couple tips with this plane:
-Move the control linkage closer in on the aileron servo arms because this plane has way more roll authority than is necessary.
-connect the V-tail linkages before glueing on V-tail stabilizers.
Be aware there is a lot of torque roll to the right with the larger prop that you use for 2s batteries (I haven’t tried the 3s prop or batteries). I recommend launching in level mode with up (pulling back) elevator input.
Take your time setting up the flight controller and failsafe on your receiver. (there’s really not much to it compared to other flight controllers) and wait for gps lock before each flight and it will work flawlessly. Like other flight controllers it requires a failsafe setting from the receiver to return to home. I’ve tested it a number of times both with the switch on my transmitter and turning off the transmitter and it works great! In return to home it will fly back and circle about 200’ high until you take control again. Another tip: have the camera/vtx unplugged while waiting for gps lock so vtx doesn’t overheat without airflow and then plug it in just before you launch. In calm air it flies like a dream. In wind or rough air it can be wobbly in all flight modes but that’s to be expected from a plane this size. Overall I am very happy with the performance and features of this little plane and what you get for the price!

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ZOHD Talon 250G FPV Ready Plane with ZOHD Kopilot and VC400 AIO Camera


Introducing the world's first Talon that is capable of weighing under 250 grams. With a detachable wing, it is easy to pack and transport. Its small size makes it ideal for flying in small areas. It is compatible with most racing quad power systems and FPV gear. The big battery bay can hold Lipo or Li-ion batteries. There are bump marks for "CG" under the main wing. The EPP molded airframe has a built-in carbon fiber spar for added reinforcement. There are NACA air-intake in the nose and air-outlet in the tail for better cooling. The straight wing brings more stable and agile attitude in flying. The fuselage is textured on both sides for a secure hand launch grip. It is easy to hand launch with super stable flying performance, and it can fly at a speed of 18-80 km/h.


Material: High-Quality EPP Wingspan: 620mm (24.41”) Length: 452mm (17.79’’) Motor: 1406-2600kv ESC: 30A w/5v 2A BEC Servos: 4.3g 4PCS Propeller: 55 prop for 2S battery, 353 3-blade prop for 3S battery. Flying Speed: 18-80 km/h Recommended takeoff weight: 240-320g Recommended Battery for 2S: Lipo 2S 900-1500mAh or ZOHD Lion pack 18650 2S1P 3500mAh (Max.) Recommended Battery for 3S: Lipo 3S 1100-1500mAh

Note: This Talon comes FPV ready with ZOHD Kopilot and VC400 AIO Camera.

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