ZTW Black Widow Brushless Motor with Integrated ESC 3510 540KV


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ZTW Black Widow is a series of brushless motors with integrated ESC designed for easy installation and setup, and to provide optimal compatibility between motors and ESCs. The BW3510 540KV motor is ideal for 500-700 size multicopters due to its low internal resistance, fast and instant response. The motors come pre-set as either clockwise or counterclockwise from the factory, but the rotation direction can be easily changed with a switch on the side of the motor, as shown in the product photos. Additionally, each motor comes with both clockwise and counterclockwise propeller adapters.


  • 1 x ZTW Black Widow integrated brushless motor
  • 1 x CW bullet propeller mount
  • 1 x CCW bullet propeller mount
  • 1 x carbon fiber propeller mount
  • 1 x crew set

The motor with wires weighs approximately 150 grams.

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