OMP Hobby 49" Challenger Balsa Airplane Receiver Ready Version

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Michael P.
Excellent value

Got my Challenger at the Toledo swap meet this past spring for an even $200 (thanks guys). It has come to the field with me every time this summer and I am not bored with it. It's very responsive and yes slow or fast it's easy to control. First plane I've felt comfortable doing a drill bit dive at the ground. Come in over the runway past center and climb vertical like a drill bit, come over the top and back down like a drill bit. You will need to set up rates or move balls on horns in if you want to calm it down though. It is rigged out of the box for a lot of throw (and fun) on all flight surfaces. I fly mostly on low rates (3 position switch) which reduces my aileron travel by roughly a 3rd (on low) - elevator by half (on low) - rudder full travel on all rates on my set up. Motor/ESC has power to spare on a 3S 2200 30C up to a 120C. Even on the 30c its unlimited vertical. I think you could even go with a smaller mAh if you can get CG to come in, but you would probably need to add weight in nose as my 2200 is against the firewall. Thumb screws for securing wing and battery hatch plenty big enough for access. No problem with magnets on hatches for battery/wing access and very secure. For a smallish plane touch and goes are even easy :-)

49" Challenger Balsa

Awesome Service Buddy RC answer the phone promptly and help will all the issues I had. I was blown away that I got a person in the US that could help me when I needed it and vary Quickly. The model is very high quality better than I have ever seen in a Plug and Play and setup was pretty easy too. I will buy here again and again.

Leo C.

OMPHOBBY 49" Challenger PNP Balsa Airplane

James G.
OMP 49" Challenger

Flys very well! Fun airplane. Performs well on 3S power.

Kevin M.
OMP Challenger V2

I picked up the V2 Challenger and was very impressed with the quality construction, good finish, and ease of assembly. My only issue during assembly was my aileron push rods were too short and had to be replaced. Also, there was no information on how to set the ailerons. I’m finding the top of the ailerons should be even with the top of the fuselage.

This airplane has a surprisingly good turn of speed on 3S and is easy to land and take off. It’s fully aerobatic and will do anything you can handle. I do wish the control surfaces were smaller and the servo horns were standard size instead of the long arms. Not everything is a 3D aircraft and sport aerobatic types like the Challenger fly smoother with regular size control surfaces and horns.

The Challenger V2 makes a good companion for my OMP Decathlon and I am very pleased with it.

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Product manual can be downloaded from here.

OMP Hobby 49" Challenger Balsa Airplane Receiver Ready Version

OMP Hobby 49” Challenger is a sport RC model airplane built in the traditional way: balsa and film cover. The airplane features light yet strong structure, low wing load, and abundant power, making the airplane easy to fly and capable of a lot of advanced aerobatics, such as all P3A and a few 3D maneuvers. This airplane performs very well in either low or high speed, with great authenticity and precision in response to radio stick movements, ideal for pilots who graduated from trainer airplanes to the next level of skills.

  The optional 49” Challenger receiver ready version is an almost completed kit in factory. Motor, ESC, servos, Ailerons, elevator, are all installed. Landing gear is preassembled. Propeller is included in the kit. It takes no more than an hour to put the kit together and ready for the sky.

We recommend Glacier 2200mAh 3S LiPo for this airplane. the battery can be purchased by click this link.

DSMX compatible Lemon 6 channel receiver.

The propeller is Eolo 12x6.

Parameter Specification:
Wing Span: 1250mm(49in)
Full Length: 1006mm(39.6in)
Flight Weight: 1170g
Wing Area: 27.37d㎡
Wing Load: 41.8~55.7g/d㎡
Wing Angle of Incidence: 2°
Motor Thrust Angles: Down 2°& Right 4°
Pack Dimension: 104*30*16 (L*H*W)cm
Gross Weight: 5.3KG

The Center of Gravity (CG)
Approx.62mm (measured from wing leading edge at root)

Power System
Motor: Sunnysky 2820
ESC: 40A
Propeller: Eolo 13x7E/12x6.5E
Lipo battery:3S/4S 2200-2600mah

OMPHOBBY SG5 17g *4 (Aileron*2,Elevator*1, Rudder*1)
Cord/lead: 300mm*2,600mm*4
Servo Arm: 17g, 0.9"plastic servo arm

Recommended Settings of Dual Rates and Exponential of Control Surfaces
Aileron: Low rate 60 deg. 40% expo
High rate 100 deg. 40% expo
Elevator: Low rate 50 deg. 30% expo
High rate 100 deg. 30%expo
Rudder: Low rate 60 deg. 30% expo
High rate 100 deg. 30% expo


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